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School Safety
SCHOOL SAFETY  (printable document)
Lewis County Schools has the following measures in place:
·  Except for the primary entrance, entrance doors are kept locked;
·  Check in procedures are in place for all visitors;
·  Each school has a plan in place to work towards preventing acts of violence;
·  Each school strives to ensure that there are good relationships with students and the community in order that there is a comfort level to report concerns;
·  All schools have emergency response plans to react to an event.
A part of each school’s emergency response plan is a procedure for a lock down.
Schools practice lock down drills at least twice per year.  These drills, like others, are done to ensure that students understand what to do should an actual lock down exist.
When a school enters lock down, no person may enter or leave the building until the “All Clear” signal is given by the crisis team and/or principal.
In case of an actual emergency, schools will ensure that all students are accounted for and that procedures are in place to allow for an orderly dismissal of students, should one be necessary.
Based on the type of emergency, first responders will be involved in the event.  We at Lewis County Schools understand that in an emergency you will be concerned for your child.  Please keep in mind that the school must account for students before any parent will be allowed to contact their child. 
Though Lewis County Schools, updates its emergency response plans each year and procedures are in place nobody can guarantee that an event will not occur.
Please stress to your children the importance of letting teachers, principals and other school staff know if they have a real concern about school safety.
Lewis County Schools wants a learning environment that is safe for all students.
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