o Module 1 Complete the brief reading, videos and reflections. Then take the Module 1 Review which is a 5 question True/False Quiz. You must get 100% - answer all 5 questions correctly - and you cannot access Module 2 until you have done this.

o Module 2 Complete the reading and videos. Then take the Module 2 Review which is a 5 question Multiple Choice Quiz. You must get 100% on this quiz also answer all 5 questions correctly.
Lewis County
Building Futures Through Education
Lewis County Board of Education, 96 Plummers Ln, P.O. 159, Vanceburg, KY 41179
Restraint and Seclusion PD
Part One
   Introduction to Restraint and Seclusion
Companion Documents
Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools -- Introductory Recording
Physical Restraint and Seclusion Policy
Physical Restraint and Seclusion Procedure
Safe Crisis Management Core Team Members
704 KAR 7:160
Certificate of Completion
Part Two
Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools
The training to satisfy the requirements of this part of the regulation is Promoting Positive Behavior in Schools III (PPBS III). We are using PPBS III again this year because PPBS IV is not yet available. New login information is required and you need to follow the steps below.

You will need to follow these steps to get updated certificates dated for this year.  It will also give anyone who needs them, 2 EILA hours dated for this year or if anyone who needs it, 2 PD hours dated for this year.


KET suggests logging into the following Website use either Google Chrome or Firefox rather than Internet Explorer

Please read carefully and follow these directions.


Go to pbs.org/teacherline

Login in using your email and your same password from last year

Make sure you are on the Home screen

Click on Leadership on the left hand side of the screen

Scroll down and locate LEAD 1103 Positive Behavior in Schools III: Bullying Prevention

Click on Details/Enroll

You should now see LEAD 1103.6 Positive Behavior in Schools III: Bullying Prevention Over to the Right Click Enroll (***Make sure to check mark that you have read the terms and agreement before clicking on Enroll)

All of your courses will pop up or you can go to My Courses and it will list your courses.

For this year, you must use and need to click on LEAD 1103.6 Positive Behavior in Schools III: Bullying Prevention

You will complete Module 1 and then take the Module 1 Review/Quiz and get a 100%.  You will see a green check.

You will then have access to and complete Module 2.  Then you will take the Module 2 Review/Quiz and get a 100%.  You will see a green check.

You can then go back to the overview and scroll all the way down to access your completed certificate to print.


  • Make sure you are using LEAD 1103.6 for the 2016-17 school year. You must complete this course to get credit  for this school year.

o   Then it will direct you to your Certificate of Completion to print.



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